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Video Creation

Video creation - Adam Grannell Web Design, Ashford, Kent

Videos provide material for visitors to watch and find out more about your business. They also provide links back to your website. The search engines will also find your videos and display them under the video heading of the search engine and in many cases display these in the natural listings as well.

Video popularity is growing important selling factor. Videos will more then likely make a visitor want to make an enquiry about your service or make them buy from your website more so than just text on a page.

Videos can be used in three ways. They can be hosted on your website. They can be uploaded to services like YouTube and then embedded in any webpage you choose. You also encourage your visitors to embed your video on their website and for them to share it on social media websites. For every visitor that embeds and shares your video there is a valuable link back to your video and your website.

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