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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation - £65 per month

Lego men holding smart phone illustrating search engine optimisation - Adam Grannell Web Design, Ashford, KentSearch Engine Optimisation, or SEO, refers to optimising a website so that it displays itself in the natural listings of the search engines. The natural listings are those websites shown on the left of the screen. Adam builds in the basics for search engine optimisation when building your website and regularly performs updates throughout the life cycle of your website so that it not only keeps its position but increases to a better position using the keywords and niche phrases that you want to be found by.

After your website is online the focus becomes a long term and all rounded optimisation strategy. This includes keeping your website up to date, on page seo, off page seo, content creation, and video production where relevant. Search engines will update and change the way they display websites and this approach will help keep your website in its position when changes occur.

The objective is obtain good ranking position for all important pages of your website gradually over a 6 to 12 month period. The results will be gradual. This a long term solution provided we invest the time.

There is no fixed contract with this strategy but we recommend staying with this for at least 12 months to see the benifits.

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On Page SEO

Lego men illustrating on page SEO

Search engines need to understand what your website is about and who it is for if your website is to be positioned successfully in the search engines. Adam performs “on page seo” to examine what aspects of your website influence your ranking poistion.

Off Page SEO

Lego men illustrating off page SEO - Adam Grannell Web Design, Ashford, Kent

Search engines need to understand the value of your website by allowing them to examine all the relevant links leading to your website. Adam performs “off page seo” to examine how to help visitors find your website.

Content Creation

Lego men illustrating content creation - Adam Grannell Web Design, Ashford, Kent

Websites require relevant and engaging content in order to attract customers. Relevant and engaging content helps your website to rank well in the search engines because it will be among the relevant websites for particular keywords and niche phrases.

Video Creation

Lego men illustrating video creation - Adam Grannell Web Design, Ashford, Kent

Videos provide material for visitors to watch and find out more about your business. They also provide links back to your website. The search engines will also find your videos and display them under the video heading of the search engine and in many cases display these in the natural listings as well.

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