Why trade marking your business name and logo is important?

In this article we will be looking at why trade marks for your business name and logo are important.

All successful businesses and organisations should have a strong brand name and recognizable or distinctive logo. Consider the names like Nike®, Samsung®, and Apple® and the strength associated with the names and how recognizable the logos are.
Having a good trade mark for your brand name and logo protects your business identity and adds value to it by helping it to stand out from the competition.

For example, a very nice and local Chinese take away business with the name of Jasmine’s Chinese Take Away could exist. If another take away business in the same area tried to open using the very same name, they could not, and the existing takeaway business would have grounds to object.  

The objections could be enhanced if the first Jasmine’s Chinese Take Away had a registered trade mark in place, this certainly add add weight to the objections. Also, Jasmine’s Chinese Take Away to also file that the other take away place would be affecting their brand.

Supposing Jasmine’s Chinese Take Away made really good Chinese food, and it was the best in the area and better than any other Chinese food take away businesses that were also in the area, then people would think of Jasmine’s Chinese Take Away when they wanted Chinese take away.

In a similar way, successful computer vendors like Apple®, Microsoft®, Samsung®, Sony®, and Nokia®, have strong brand names and logos, and their products stand out from each other because the powerful brand names on the goods.

If we take a look at the war over tablet computers, we see some users have chosen to buy Samsung’s tablets computer while other users have chosen Apple’s tablets computer mainly because of what users prefer and how they want to use them. Ease of use mostly. They have however been influenced by the brand name.  

All this just emphasises just how powerful a business name can be, and how strong the logo associated with a business or a brand can be is as well.

All businesses and organisations that have strong brand names and powerful brand logos all have the protection of a trade mark, or several trade marks, in order to protect themselves and the brands from infringements and also to build and maintain a solid brand and products under a given brand name.