What are the best names to Trade Mark?

In this article will be looking at what the best trade marks are including using unique phrases and words.

A trade mark must be distinctive. So, a made up word is by far the most distinctive and is one of the easiest ways to ensure a successful trade mark application. Examples of distinctive made up words and phrases include Hertz, Mybelline, and Yahoo.

However you should not be too literal or descriptive with your company or product name. Names such as Birthday Cakes for a cake shop won’t be accepted, nor will misspelt words such as Letha Bagz.  You also can’t register a trade mark that includes a famous name or brand, for example microsoft for a clothing company, or Apple for a fruit and veg store.

Trade mark registrars can help you choose the best names to trade mark and provide expert advise on you what you can do and can’t do with trade marks.