SEO Software - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

In this article we take a look at the SEO software available and how such software can help your SEO and also be harmful. Finally we list a few tips on what to think about when considering buying SEO software and tools.

SEO Software

There is lots of SEO software available right now and more and more tools and apps are emerging. Here are just some of the best suites of software with a little about each.

Link Assistant

This is a suite of software programs that can be purchased online and downloaded to work from your own computer. The software includes analytical tools for analysing your own website’s rank, the rank of competitors, back link analysis, link building tools and a website auditor.

Link assistant is one of the few suites where a single one time cost buys you everything in the suite rather than a monthly fee.


This is similar to Link Assistant and provides analytical tools for analysing the rank of your website, analysis of competitors, back link analysis, link building tools and reports.

This package of software is based online and is a monthly subscription with a variety of competitive price plans.

Sheer SEO

Like with SEO Moz, this firm provides online analytical tools for the analysis of your website, competition with link building and reporting tools. 

Once again the software is a monthly subscription with various price plans.


Another service similar to SEO Moz and provides the analytical tools to look at your website, competitors, with link building tools and more.

The one difference here is that you can purchase the software and download it to your computer for a one time fee or you can use the same software online and pay monthly.

Market Samurai

Another popular piece of software that primarily focuses on keyword analysis and reports back with superior accuracy.

The Good

SEO Software is very handy because the various tools such as those highlighted above can provide a starting point for your optimisation efforts, and provide you with a direction proceed such as finding out which keywords are really the important ones and not what you think they are, and who the competition really is, rather than trawling the search engine day in day out.

Whether the software is desktop based or online does not matter that much because you can see what the competition is doing, who and where they are linking to and from and at the same time see how you are doing.

If you are working for a client, such tools are invaluable because the reporting tools can create detailed reports so you don’t have to.    

The best thing about using software for SEO is that the tasks involved are streamlined, automated to a certain extent, and any reports contain proper information.

The Bad

SEO software is of course very pricey and a big investment. It can be hard to choose which software suite is best and which pricing plan to choose from. It does come down to you and your firm in the end in terms of what you want.

In the past some desktop SEO software has worked well at first but can get out dated as technology advances and search engines change. This is typical of web design software. Be sure that your software will get updates automatically if it is desktop based. 

SEO software is always designed by experts and designed with their view of the SEO world and the direction SEO may take as time goes on, therefore each software may have different approaches.

The Ugly
Ever since the changes made by Google, the SEO software market has been flooded with many new tools and applications and pushed fiercely by the developers and marketers alike. Some are dubbed as one-hit wonderers and quick fixes.

These new tools are designed is most cases with good intentions and have been useful and so gain popularity fast. However many other tools appear to be designed to exploit so called loop holes in the Google’s system and take advantage of the desire to rank better than the next guy. Other tools simply attempt to inflate traffic to your website which in many ways is too artificial and likely to get your website punished later.

Such tools are mainly found on forum websites that seem increase the price after each purchase which is seen as unfair to many other potential customers who might be interested.

Many experts hail that their tools provide full automation which is useful because the task involved can be streamlined, but you must be able to see what is happening, or see the results and correct them. Look at these examples below.
Social Rank Jet and Rank Jet are good examples of these types of tool. Both tools create back links to websites and streamline the process significantly.

Rank Jet creates links in forums using a built in list by creating profiles and posting a link back. These links back are worth nothing in the end because the links are posted in the "about you" section of a forum profile. Any moderator who sees these would delete it on principle because they are spam.

Social Rank Jet is similar create back links to your website by posting article content in forums, directories that have no relevance to your website, and no real power in terms of "link juice".       

Buying tips

The following are some good buying tips when choosing SEO software for the first time or even for the umpteenth time.