SEO best practices – Quality Content

In this article we look at quality content and what this is. We examine how to make your content the best is can be and how to use niche vocabulary.

What is quality content?

There are a number of different types of content that come under this heading. These include the text copy of your website, articles, product sales text, reviews, quizzes and videos.

Which ever type of content you use in your website you must ensure that first it is created for your visitors and not just there the search engines. For example your text or article must make sense and is easy to read. There must be no visible signs of stuffing your article full of keywords in you headings and the main body.

Secondly your content should be seen as adding something unique to your website. For example this could be a certain point of view on a topic or demonstrating knowledge about a given subject.

Thirdly your content should give your visitor what they want. For example if your website has many articles concerning web design with lots of tutorial guides, your visitors must be read through them and go away fulfilled with the knowledge they came looking for.        

Make your content the best it can be

All the content on your website must be the best it can possibly be so that it becomes and is maintained as a source of professionalism i.e. your website really knows it stuff and any articles published on the website demonstrate professional knowledge.

Some rules of thumb and common sense include:

  1. Reading through all your content yourself and getting others who may not have wrote the content to read through it too.
  2. Making sure the facts are correct and that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  3. Asking yourself if your visitors will find the content useful?
  4. Asking yourself if your visitors will find it all informative?
  5. If the content is a review, is it unique to your website and not found on the manufacturers website? Does it provide a different point of view to help others make an informed decision whether to purchase or not?   

Use niche vocabulary

To help establish your website as a place of expert knowledge you must include words and phrases that define the topic you are taking about. These are niche vocabulary. You can research these phrases using a variety of tools which are beyond the scope of this article. 

The idea behind this technique is to write using the most important words and phrases for the topic and sprinkle them through out your text. Of course, you must not over do it and stuff the text with all sorts of niche words. Instead write naturally so that it your text is informative, useful and easy to read but includes the words and phrases.

With all the niche phrases sprinkled through out the text you have written, they could all possibly rank for the main phrase you want to rank for because the text contains related words and phrases.

What you will find in many cases is that each item text you write may contain their own set of words and phrases even though they are related to the main topic. These will help define what area you are taking about.